Climate change, our new reality

I will always remember the 2022 vintage as a jug of cold water, despite the fact that in reality, we were suffering the worst heat waves in living memory in the Ribera del Duero. 2022 has sadly gone down in history as the warmest on record. And it is already a reality, the dreaded CLIMATE CHANGE is already here, and we have clearly suffered it.

The first heat wave that we suffered at the end of May had negative consequences on flowering, as many flowers did not set, with the consequent drastic reduction in the harvest. Then the subsequent heat waves that hit us throughout the month of July and the lack of rainfall throughout the summer did not help to improve the situation in our vineyards, which suffered great water stress. The size of the berries was really small, which produced very concentrated grapes, which will therefore give extremely concentrated wines.

And the most incredible thing about all this is that despite all these difficulties, we have obtained incredible wines of wonderful quality, which reminds us that we are in a PRIVILEGED place by Mother Nature but we must be careful because it is not going to be easy. Take care of the countryside, take care of the Ribera del Duero Thank you.