My Vineyard

In VEGA CLARA we own 12ha of vineyards of various ages and varieties. Most of our vineyards are located in Quintanilla de Onésimo (Valladolid), where the winery is located.

In this municipality is where 2 of our 3 groups of plots are located: our VIÑA VIEJA or Pago de Carretuerta and our VIÑA DE LA BODEGA or Pago de Carrantigua.

These 2 plots are located in the famous Golden Mile of Ribera del Duero. But our oldest vineyards are located in the towns of Anguix and Pedrosa de Duero, in the province of Burgos, where the third group of VEGA CLARA plots or what we call Los Majuelos de Anguix and Pedrosa de Duero are located.

The Old Vineyard or Pago de Carretuerta

Quintanilla de Onésimo (Valladolid):

What we call the OLD VINEYARD of VEGA CLARA is where our most precious treasure is located: our old Cabernet Sauvignon. 

This vineyard dates back to 1969 and was planted by our ancestors, currently holding the record for being one of the oldest Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards in the DO Ribera del Duero, over 50 years old. This vineyard is located at an altitude of 720m.

The soils of this vineyard are mainly sandy loam, which provides wines with great aromas.

It also has another particularity; it is the first vineyard belonging to the DO Ribera del Duero geographically speaking, if we start with the westernmost part of the Denomination, that is, the part that is located in the province of Valladolid.

The Vineyard of the Winery or Pago de Carrantigua

Quintanilla de Onésimo (Valladolid):

This vineyard is the one that surrounds our winery. In this case the terroir is totally different from the previous plot, despite being only 2km away It is an extremely poor soil with a LIMESTONE structure.

This vineyard was recently planted (2016) and was made with manual grafting of rootstocks appropriate for such a basic type of soil and with European vines from our own genetic material from the area and especially from the Ribera de Duero thus preserving our character and authenticity.

The altitude in this case is 800m and the terrain is sloping on the Northeast face.

The Majuelos of Anguix y Pedrosa de Duero

Anguix y Pedrosa de Duero (Burgos)

They are our oldest and most iconic vineyards. The plantation years range between the 40s and the 60s, so they are 70-80 year old vineyards, our dear grandparents…!

They are mostly Tempranillo vineyards but we can also find Albillo Mayor as a white variety; with which we make our Albillo wine.

There are 12 hawthorn groves of diverse and small surfaces in the Burgos towns of Anguix and Pedrosa de Duero. The soils are mainly clay, which means that they retain water magnificently and the plants do not go thirsty in years of drought, although there are also alluvial gravels that provide that wonderful and delicate texture to the wines. The altitude ranges between 820m and 845m, making the vineyards cooler than the previous ones.