The Balance

As it is, 2023 is already a year in the midst of climate change; However, there have been clear differences with respect to the previous year, a very dry 2022. Now, it no longer rains as regularly as before and for days so that the earth gradually takes the water it needs and forms precious aquifers. Now when it rains, iit pours. That is what has happened in the few rains we have had throughout 2023, which have been quite torrential and disproportionate, resulting in a lot of water being lost due to currents and not having time to filter to fill the soil water reserves. Even so, we must be grateful when it rains, and thanks to these rains, which came late (mid and end of September) and disproportionately, we can say that we have saved the 2023 harvest from being another very scarce one like that of 2022.

Another big difference with respect to the previous year was that despite it being hotter than normal in spring and flowering earlier, the first part of the summer 2023 was actually much cooler than in recent years, returning to normal summer weather for our area of between 22-29ºC, which helped the plant to begin its maturation in a very balanced way without experiencing water stress at least. Subsequently, starting on August 15, heat waves began, which caused the ripening process to accelerate much more, returning to early dates for the 2023 harvest, which began on September 17 and ended on October 9.