D’ACAN Vega Clara

D’ACAN Vega Clara is my most personal project where I have tried to pour all my enthusiasm and my vocation for wine into something very meaningful. 100% of the profits we obtain from the sale of D’ACAN VC are donated to the DIABETES RESEARCH INSTITUTE Foundation in Miami, Florida, USA. A research center that is focused on finding a BIOLOGICAL CURE for Type 1 Diabetes (Diabetes that my son Mario has suffered since he was 13 months old).

Because we will NEVER give up. Because we want a cure. For all those brave MUSKETEERS who fight day by day. One for all and all for one!!!


The aromas of D’acan de Vega Clara will immediately transport you to the vineyard from which it comes, a trip to a very old vineyard of organic cultivation, managed without the use of herbicides or treatments, a beautiful landscape surrounded by flowers and wild herbs with rich nuances, thyme, fennel, lavender,… respect for the plant and its terroir makes all these aromas rise to a higher level of expression; sharpness, complexity, freshness… like the freshness of a morning of Ribera del Duero, accompanied by the elegance and nobility of tinta fina, blackberries, currants, liquorice, Indian ink,…
currants, liquorice, Indian ink,…

Cold nights and warm days have produced a bright, lively wine of beautiful violet flashes that denote the enormous ageing potential, a slow and patient maturity of a very old vineyard that in silence and without haste, creates a unique balance of those mythical wines that only 1 terroir, 1 vineyard and 1 year know how to give.

Its sandy surface soil and clay depth, give a muscular, fine, tasty, fresh tannin, a great expression of the fine ink, a balance and purity that runs through the mouth from beginning to end, leaving an infinity of nuances in its wake. A wine to patiently taste.

D’ACAN Vega Clara is a wine that can be enjoyed now or stored, as it will continue to develop its potential within the next 20 years.

Vega Clara

n our online store, you can now take our D’ACAN Vega Clara wine directly from the winery to your home. A unique and special wine that will highlight any moment making it perfect. A unique and special wine that will highlight any moment making it perfect.