In VEGA CLARA we own 8hectares of vineyard.
All our vineyards are located in the village of Quintanilla de Onésimo, in the famous Golden Mile of the Ribera de Duero.
VEGA CLARA’s vineyards are divided into 2 different pieces of land, located in the opposite part of the village.
Our oldest vineyard is in fact our most precious treasure, since it is where our amazing old Cab is planted. The vineyard was registered in 1969, planted by our ancestors and is now one of the oldest Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards in the whole DO Ribera de Duero at more than 50 years old. This vineyard is located 720m above sea level.
The soils of this vineyard are mostly sandy loam, which provides wines with above all great aromas.

Our second vineyard surrounds the winery. In this case, the terroir is totally different from the previous one, even though they are just 2km apart from each other. It is an extremely poor soil with limestone structure. We just planted this new vineyard in 2016. It was made with manual rootstock grafts appropriate for the type of very basic soil and with European vines from our own genetic material or genetic material of the area and especially from the Ribera de Duero to preserve our character and authenticity. The altitude in this case is 800m and the terrain is sloping on the Northeast face.

In addition to these 2 owned plots, we have control of another 5hectares of very diverse vineyards located in other locations of the Ribera de Duero. They are varied in terms of soils and vineyard ages as there are some that even reach 80 year old.